My Day With The Sun City Sirens

I'll just make this clear from the start: I love roller derby! And not just because of the movie that came out a few years ago starring the girl from Juno. I remember buying my first pair of roller skates from a sporting goods store, and loving their red wheels and blue stripes.  But I digress....


What ISN'T great about a band of women getting together to work as a team, and engage in some friendly competition with another squad of amazing women? Roller derby is fun to watch, a great outlet for any pent up stress from the day to grind of being an awesome female in a crowd of perhaps not so awesome individuals, and  an excellent way to make some seriously tight friendships.

I've been thinking of ways to support my local derby league, Okanagan Roller Derby, and a unique opportunity presented itself: photo shoot!   With the help of some truly talented Okanagan vendors we whipped a few (not so) innocent derby girls into fabulous 50's pin up hotties! We outfitted the girls in outfits from Perch Travelling Boutique, and transformed these tough competitors into coiffed and powdered derby dolls!

We couldn't have pulled this project off without the expertise of our friends at Glenmore Hair Studio and Esthetics (thanks for the boss hair do's!),  Toby Wesenberg Makeup Artist (the girl's faces looked unreal!) and of course to our incredible photographer,  L.G. Photography.  

Sugar Beats & Pushee Tushee
Blair Block
Lucy Brawless & Lois Bane