“If a girl wants to grow up to be a cowgirl, she ought to be able to do it, or else this world ain't worth living in.”
Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues 

photo credit ~ L.G. Photography

She can be an architect, or a scientist, or a peacekeeper.... whatever rocks her world.

Fortunately, this lassie wanted to be a cowgirl,

and I finally had my chance to style an 'Annie

Oakley Meets Ann Margret ' creative photo

shoot (inspired by two of my favourite

heroines).  I  knew this girl was perfect for the

part of the strong, sultry pistol packin' mama I pictured for this project.

With a helping hand from three other gals, who are fiery and fascinating in their own right, we came

together in the spirit of fun and flirtatiousness and played dress up with  vintage Western wear while

the sun went down.

The fading evening light was glorious against the wild, rugged

landscape.  As luck would have it,  a painted pony was out for a

stroll at just the right time, and he (almost) stole the show.  

I want  to holler a huge "YEE HAW!" to the company of women who worked together on this adventure:
Lise Guyot, of L.G. Photography who knows how to let loose and enjoy the ride
Bramble Lee Pryde, the make up artist who knows how to make a girl feel and look like a million bucks
Alisa Speed, who channelled her inner Bonanza Jellybean on this sweltering summer night
and sweet Karen St. Pierre, the best hostess this side of the Mississippi.

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  1. this was a great collaboration L.G.Photography wishes to thank Perch Travelling Boutique for the concept and clothes.Robyn is so inspired and positive the blog looks fantastic.Thank you for the opportunity hugs!