Art Walk 2014

Vintage shoe museum~ celebrating Art Walk's Theme 'A Step Forward'
In case you haven't heard.... Art Walk is AWESOME!
Now that I've had a couple of days to reflect on the past weekend, I can honestly say it is so great to have art- minded people shop the bus!  The numbers are in, and over 8,000 people strolled through Art Walk over the two day event.  Now I'm not saying that anywhere near that people came aboard the blue  bus, but we were busy! 
 And, so were the fabulous vendors that participated in the third Arts bazaar of the year!  Take a look at a sampling of the variety of goods available at the bazaar...

Stacey Deans

Repurposed vintage melamine ~ Bliss Handmade
Glass Roots Creations
New Vintage Theatre


Ladybug Designs and Valcraft

Carla Creations

Prints by Leanne Spanza

Knitwork For All

Home At Last Interiors

Venus Art By Shannon

Foreground~ Vallee's Art And Design  Background~ Creative Creations
                                                  The blue bus, leading the way to the vendors

                 So if anyone is wondering what a blue bus filled with vintage clothes is doing at an art show I'll tell you.    I  consider the bus a work of art; I painted it, I  designed the décor inside it, and every time we 'set up shop' at an event I arrange the items in the bus in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. And, I consider vintage clothes pieces of art in themselves.  The fabrics, construction and overall aesthetic of an article of vintage clothing makes it  worthy of a place on a museum wall, in my book.   They just don't make clothes like they used to. Come on in the bus, or visit my home studio, and I will show you how well made, timeless and beautiful vintage clothing can be!

Denise Wandt


  1. The bus looks great and really added to the ambiance of the Bazaar. Glad you had a great Art Walk experience.