A New Partnership

About a week ago I had a casual conversation with a woman I know who shops at one of my favourite stores. She was buying some pieces of really cool fabric, and she told me her student was going to make bags with it.  Something 'clicked' in my head and I asked her,
"Are you talking about Kai's bags?"  Her answer was yes....

Back up a couple of months to when I first heard about Kai Bags.  My friend posted about these bags on her Facebook page, and with a little searching I found the Kai Bags Facebook Page for  myself. I was mildly interested in the bags, mainly because they are so pretty. I continued to read a bit about who this Kai person is (a very interesting young man, by the way!), and moved on, but these beautiful bags and their story were stuck in the back of my mind.

Back to my conversation with the teacher...
Once I realised that she is Kai's teacher, and helped develop his enthusiasm for his craft I was hooked. I was so moved that I shook my new friend's hand and told her how I am in awe of her dedication to her student. I don't know if she could tell, but the gears were turning in my head and I was experiencing spark after spark of ways to get involved with Kai and his budding business venture.  I asked my new friend if Kai was selling any of his bags during this upcoming Holiday Season.  She answered that she wasn't sure, but she's find out for me and let me know in a week or so. 

Well, I couldn't wait that long. 

The next day, through the magic of Facebook and the Internet, I tracked down Kai and his
'Manager' (mom).  I wrote a letter and introduced myself, and then proposed an idea: Bring  Kai Bags to Fabulous Finds ~ a fantastic, well attended Artist and Vendor Marketplace that is being held at the Summerhill Winery in November. I invited Kai  to 'partner up' with me at my Perch Travelling Boutique Booth for the two day event.
I think Kai's  'Manager' (mom) was a bit floored by my offer, but it comes from complete sincerity and a hope that Kai can make some money towards his goals and dreams.  After a couple of Internet chats we all agreed that Kai Bags and Perch Travelling Boutique are a great match!

 I am so excited to    announce  Kai Bags WILL BE at  Fabulous Finds  2013!

(We haven't even met in person, yet, but I predict it will be an emotional meeting!  Mothers, talking about their sons, we get a bit emotional... )

If you haven't yet, please make your way to the Kai Bag website and take a look at his amazing bags! I am sure you will be as impressed as I am at his skill, style and spirit! Then come on down to Fabulous Finds November 1st and 2nd to get yourself, or a friend (or better yet, both of you!) a new Kai Bag!

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