What do you do when you have access to the hippest new event venue in town?  You invite your friends to an exclusive fashion show and party, that's what!

A plan was set in motion to throw an unforgettable vintage themed party, complete with a live model fashion show. Every party needs mouthwatering   hors d'oeuvres  and glamorous décor, of course.  Enter two of the best party vendors in the Okanagan~ The Nourished Chef and Mosaic Party and Event Design.

Now add a group of marvelous models (styled by Nikki Bruizer Hunter of The Green Vanity and Errin Mocilac with Jessica Langedyk of Untouchable In Hair) who are ready for anything and voila!'Still Life With Vintage'is set to be the very first soiree at Habitat's new second story space, Inhabit.

And what would a fantastic party be without an equally fantastic photographer to capture the best moments of the evening?  KCL Photography accepted my invite to chronicle the evening (and leave with gourmet popcorn!).

And so, an extraordinary evening of vintage fashion and delish food was had by all.  Here's the proof.....




Elegant décor by Krista Cook ~ Mosaic Party And Event Design




Chef Scott in his element

With special thanks to our lovely ladies ~
Rebecca, Solana, Leesa, Alisa, Richelle, Ann-Katrine and Hillary


  1. I definitely was paid in popcorn and it was the best popcorn ever!! Thank you for having me at this event!

    KCL Photography

  2. That's so cool! Since ax dynamics helped my company develop a little faster, I might be able to afford more travels soon!