Blast From The Past

Are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced?  Well, I have ... had the experience of attending Woodstock Revival 2013.   For three days in beautiful Oyama, BC, nestled in fruit tree orchards, we engaged in some light people watching and tuned into some groovy live music.  This gathering of  the young and young at heart was quite kid friendly, considering the theme of the event (Woodstock 1969 had it's fair amount of drugs, drink and debauchery); my oldest even snagged a new nickname, "The Tambourine Man", after being invited on stage by Barefoot Caravan!  The musical line up was pretty much what you'd expect at the celebration of peace, love and rock'n'roll~ a little bluesy, a little soulful with some  folk thrown in the mix (and don't forget the rock).  The highlight for me was Sunday's set by local musician Floyd Vedan. It was the first time I've seen him perform, and he did not disappoint.

Floyd Vedan

Other musical gems of the weekend included Janis Joplin tribute artist  Kathy Frank, Linda-Sue Wilson, Connie Anderson and Ellie Johnson, Swing Cat Bounce, Robert Vail Grant, Owen Owen Owen, Section 8 (who pulled off the best cover of Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean'), and Jason Buie.  When Sugar Bud wasn't manning the amazing outdoor pizza oven he jammed on stage for a couple of impromptu sets.

Kathy Frank channelling her inner Janis Joplin

Like a true nature's child, we were born ,born to be Wild~Steppenwolf

Oyama, BC
Tie dye tees and dream catchers, jewelry and henna tattoos were all offered by a diverse bunch of vendors over the weekend. Perch Travelling Boutique had a great spot literally 'perched' above the main level of the venue. The kids loved the bocce ball court, which was right below the Big Blue Bus.  I 'm not sure that any of them followed the official rules of the game, though!
The weekend was held in the spirit of the original Woodstock of 1969, but I knew we weren't in New York anymore by all of the old (and new) hippies walking around with their cell phones... a bizarre anachronism from my point of view. All in all it was a groovy weekend, filled with far out music and great people. It's nice to know that the spirit of 'peace and love' is still around in this stressed out, overloaded world. I leave you with a piece of sound advice from the days of Woodstock Revival 2013: Make Love Not War ✌

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