Behind Every Great Woman....

   This needs to be said: My husband is awesome!  Do you know why?  He is helping me live my dream of operating a vintage boutique.... that is inside an old school bus. 
   We have known each other for almost twenty five years, and been married for almost fifteen (two bits of random advice 1. ELOPE! 2. pick Halloween as  your wedding date; easy to remember). He has evolved from the teen aged punk with blue black hair I fell madly in love with to a fantastic father, bread winner and all around good guy.  Thank god he  still has a sense of humour, and is easy going enough to put up with me.

California circa 1996

   When I am freaking out a couple of hours before Perch is set to open for business for the day, he reminds me to "calm down, woman!" When I forget to close the choke when learning to drive the bus, he takes over and becomes my chauffeur.  When  I need someone to take the boys just simply away, he's my guy. When I barely make enough money to cover my own expenses, he brings home the bacon. He has no idea I'm writing this, and probably won't have too much to say about it if he ever reads it, but I just want to let you all know that without this man, there would be no Perch.  I'm in love.

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