Costumes and Candy and Kiddos ~O My!

I do declare: I Love Halloween!  Everything from the cheap, clingy cobwebs in a bag to the plethora of candies that line the supermarket shelves screams, "TRICK OR TREAT!"  While some people may classify this holiday as, 'for the kids', I enjoy getting wrapped up in the excitement of Halloween as much as the 10 and under crowd (and I  do love those magical mini candy bars!).
I think one of the reasons I still get such a kick out of Halloween as an adult is because of my dad. He looked forward to orchestrating the Band Booster's yearly Haunted House fundraiser.  I believe he secretly wished he could play the part of Dracula, but always gave up the part to a student.  He loved to scare the neighborhood kids on the Big Night.  I remember the time he put this huge crate in the front yard (where it came from I'll never know) with a sign on it that said "DANGER! TASMANIAN DEVIL!"  The scary part  was the door to the crate was OPEN, and the crate was EMPTY!  So, when kid's would come trick 'r' treating and ask what the crate was for, my dad would explain that the creature kept inside it has ESCAPED, and then he'd point into the trees across the street and yell, "I think I just saw it!"  Needless to say, there were a few kids in the neighborhood who needed a couple of extra checks under the bed or in the closet before bed that night.
Dressing up in a costume has always been one of my favorite parts of Halloween.  As a kid, my mom always made my costume from items around the house, or she sewed it from scratch.  If it was one that she sewed, she made sure it was big enough that I could wear it for more than just one Halloween.  I was clown for 3 years!  The time I was Raggedy Ann she dyed a mop head red for my wig, picked out a sweatshirt and skirt, and voila! Costume complete!
These days, kids have hundreds of  commercial costumes to choose from.  I admit, they do look enticing in their shiny plastic bags, ready to wear and complete with accessories.  But where is the originality? What happened to the excitement of hunting through the closet for that perfect hat or shirt that, "just might work?" At Perch Travelling Boutique we have some pretty cute, one-of-a- kind costumes for your lil' Trick'r' Treaters.  Use your imagination!

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