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What an incredible week we just had!  Perch was featured in not one, but two publications!
 I am tickled pink to report that Jan Johnson wrote a sparkling addition to her column, What’s Up Downtown (you can find it in the Kelowna Capital News), devoted to Perch.  She has owned Tigerlily Fashions, located on Bernard Avenue, for over 25 years so she defiantly knows the trends and innovations that shape Kelowna’s  retail economy.  THE tourism website to find information about Kelowna’s local attractions and unique businesses is Welcome to Kelowna.com.  On that website, there is a feature called ‘In Focus’ that showcases local people, businesses and organizations that contribute to the overall awesomeness of this beautiful city.  Guess who was the featured business on August 6th?  If you guessed Perch Travelling Boutique, you are right on!  It was such a thrill to see my little boutique as the spotlight of this informative, resourceful web column.
And another fascinating thing happened over at the Perch facebook page.  I admit, I spend a lot of time looking for cool Facebook pages, and boy did I find one, based out of Australia!  Trish Hunter Finds is the Facebook page for Trish Hunter and her fabulous retro Franklin caravan that is her mobile shop.  Last week, she posted an invitation on her Facebook page to all the people who follow her, and also have a facebook business page of their own.  In the invitation she asked for businesses to post a little bit about themselves on her page.  So of course, I wrote a short description of Perch on her facebook wall, and as a result I have new ‘likes’ from the Land Down Under.  The world wide web is amazing!  It really is a, “small world after all”!
It has been so exciting to experience the surge in the public's interest in my little shop over the past few days.  Checking the rise in activity on Perch’s  Facebook page and here on our blog confirms my belief that Perch is on the right track, and it is possible to use all of the newest social media marketing tools to increase Perch’s growth and ultimate success as a prosperous boutique.

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