How A Delivery Truck Became A Concession Stand

The idea of creating a mobile vintage boutique started to nag at me back in January.  My friend was visiting from Portland, Oregon, and she told me a story about a shop there that was located inside a double decker bus.  I was intrigued, enchanted and determined to find out everything I could about this retail phenomenon.
 It didn’t take long to find the Lodekka website and facebook page.  Once I actually saw (online, mind you) what the owner had accomplished - transforming a  1965 British double decker bus into a charming unique vintage shopping destination - I was hooked.  I want that!  After more investigation into the pop up shop movement, specifically in the Pacific Northwest, I found out about a little gem called Wanderlust, a converted 1969 Cardinal Deluxe Trailer.  I was sure if these ladies could transform boxes on wheels into something completely inviting (and a commercial success), so could I.
My first concept for a mobile shop was centered around a cube (moving) van.   Assuming the ‘cube’ portion of said van was already a blank canvas, it would be easy to add some shelving, a rug, some simple wall covering.  Oh, but how are customers suppose to enter the shop?  Climb up a ramp? Stairs!  I quickly learned that custom built stairs were not going to be cheap, and the price for a decent cube van was already above my meager budget.  Back to the beginning....
I spent practically every day scouring the classified ads for some type of transportation, still thinking that a van of some kind was my best option.  I came across an ad for a “Vintage Ice Cream Truck For Sale.” Immediately I pictured myself trolling down the street going 5 miles an hour while a steady stream of fashionistas chased me down just for a chance to buy a fantastic piece of jewelry or a knock out pair of shoes.  I made an appointment to view the ice cream truck, and even hauled my dear husband along for moral support.  Let’s just say that my idea of ‘vintage’ and the seller’s were not the same.   The truck I saw had obviously been sitting for a long time; it was rusty, stripped and had become a hotel for field mice.
Even though that experience was a complete downer, I was still on the delivery van kick, checking the ads every day for one that needed minimal work for minimal moolah.  Somehow, I crossed paths with an ad for a concession stand.  Hmm... could that work?  Even after looking up countless images on Google of concession stands, I couldn’t figure out just what this seller was advertising, so I made an appointment to see it.  It was love at first sight!  I immediately pictured myself leaning on the counter top, chatting with customers about that dress or this purse.  I bought it!  Of course, it is full of surprises (and worn tires, and dilapidated siding), but she is a diamond in the rough, and just what I need to showcase my collection of vintage treasures.  She may not look like much now, but soon she will take on a whole new personality... stay tuned!

The Original Concession Stand

Perch, Phase 1